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We get no funding from any outside source! Your donations and adoption fees provide nearly all the money used for feeding, housing, vetting, and utilities!

Please , please, donate what you can!

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I would love for someone to help me operate VARR! If you are in northern va and have considered operating a rescue, please contact me. I’m looking for a partner that can coordinate pickups and care while I coordinate the adoptions. Varr is a tiny rescue, and there are no paid positions. I operate varr outside of my full-time teaching job, my family time, etc.

Want to be a foster home for VARR? Complete this form: ewform?formkey=dGJZUUxDRXY1eV9NQ21BY1Z IelNrckE6MQ#gid=0

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 Did you find a box turtle in VA??  Click on the link above to report it - you will contribute to the database that may ultimately help in their conservation.

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 VARR has a store! You can order shirts, hats, stickers, and more with our logo and the don’t let it loose logo. A portion of the proceeds supports VARR!  

Also, see the reptile items at the Rescued is my favorite breed website.

PLEASE share this video with everyone! It shows what happens when turtles and tortoises are not cared for properly. Even if you don’t own a turtle, sharing this info may be the only way to find owners who aren’t doing things right. And if we find those owners, we can correct the problems and help the turtles! PLEASE SHARE!!

Dice is one of 4 South American Wood Turtles that came to us. He’s the last one left.

Please apply to adopt Dice now!

See the Animals Available page for all the critters!

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For reference, we are near the Manassas airport. We do not give our physical location as we are not a business, not open for browsing or “drop offs”.

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Did you find a reptile here in Virginia and need to identify it?  Want to make sure that the snake in your yard is not venomous?  Visit the Virginia Herp Society page for their identification page, with actual photos of the reptiles found in Virginia.